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June 24, 2014

Celebrating Nurses Week

Click here to check out all of the fun activities planned for our residents and nurses.......


I am a retired RN Nurse for 26 years.  Before nursing I was diagnosed with Cerebella Ataxia which is hereditary.  It is a balance problem that affects my balance, walking and speech.  When I become stressed or extremely tired my speech becomes very slurred. 

Before coming to Rehab at Jonesboro Nursing and Rehab, I had been seen by 5 different neurologists from local hospitals, and a Rehab facility other than Jonesboro Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC with a fractured ankle.  Neither of the above addressed the possibility of therapy for my Ataxia. 

I came to Jonesboro Nursing and Rehab in July 2014 after I had surgery for left shoulder replacement and it was the BEST decision I ever made.   I am now able to perform full range of motion with my left arm and plus they addresses my Ataxia with exercises to improve me center of gravity and safety concerns. Speech Language Pathologist was able to improve my speech intelligibility via therapeutic speech exercise.  My friends state that they are amazed at my speech clarity and my walking is straighter than they have seen.

The entire staff gave positive praise and support and I say THANK YOU!!! Everyone gave 200%. They exceeded the excellence goals! I highly recommend Jonesboro Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC.


~ JB Metzger, current resident